Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Writing problems?

You would figure that you could just pick up a pen and paper or log on to your computer and the words would just flow. Everything would be perfect. You would become this excellent writer who wrote these awesome stories. Heh, yeah right!

Reality settles in and takes over. You realize that it's a lot harder than you thought it was to get into your own groove. Even if you have a million thoughts or ideas running through your head, it can be even more difficult to get them down on paper. Maybe you have a ton of ideas, but you aren't sure how to flesh out those ideas.

Grammar, grammar, grammar!! Don't be overly OCD about the grammar and spelling of your piece. I am guilty of this. I make mistakes and feel the need to fix them - immediately! However, I am trying to be more forgiving and just keep writing. I also try to not judge my blogs as harshly now. These blogs are my place to express myself, offer ideas, etc, without worrying so much about formatting or my grammar.

Another thing that prevents some from writing is the FEAR that what they write will be pure crap. Honestly, a lot of it will be pure crap. Write it anyway. You'll never get any better or accomplish anything if you don't TRY. So, get with it and write until your heart is content.

Take the time to write down each idea or storyline, then tackle them one at a time. Brainstorm to come up with more details to help flesh out each one. I have made this mistake many times. Even right now, I have six blog posts waiting to be finished. It's hard to stay focused when you have many pending items that are only partially finished.

Focusing is a big problem too. It is difficult to disconnect with the over-abundance of social websites, cell phones constantly ringing and many other distractions at our fingertips. It is important to cut off your "lifeline" in order to focus sometimes.

Sometimes you get writers block, but if that happens, set it aside and go do something else. Get some fresh air, meditate, go a few rounds with a punching bag and just clear your mind. When the words start to flow though, I let them flow freely.

Time of day matters also. I write best either late at night or really early in the morning. Unfortunately for me, my day is usually dictated by my children and sometimes I'm far too exhausted to do anything at night. I do love those hours though. When I have the chance to write, I try to take advantage of it. I mainly work on my stories.

When it comes to my stories, I try to get into character and imagine the story as though I am watching it on a television. Yes, yes I do have an extremely vivid imagination. This works for me. It may not work for you, but all my life I have always relied on my imagination to keep me occupied when I had nothing else to do. For every person I meet, I always create a storyline unique to them. Yes, yes that sounds crazy and you could deem me a crazy person, if I weren't a writer. However, who doesn't love a dash of "crazy" that shakes up life a bit? ;-)

Hope this helps you in some way in your writing endeavors! Until next time!

~ Crystal ~

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