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Be Empowered

What do you do when people try to break your spirit? For example, if you're overweight and you're working on losing the weight by eating healthy and exercising. Someone makes fun of you, for the fat that's jiggling, as you try your best to run down the road. Or, another example, you're a high school dropout, but you're back in school, working towards your GED because you would really like to make something of yourself. People, you know, make remarks about how you'll never make it because you're a loser.

Do you ignore them or believe there is something wrong with you and become embarrassed? Don't EVER be ashamed or embarrassed that you are taking care of your body and mind or are doing something to better your life. Protect your mind from those who wish to poison it. Why would they do that? Here's a little secret: their mind is already poisoned. Some people are hateful/rude/mean because they're jealous or miserable with their own lives. Those ten…

Review: Omega 8006 Juicer

I finally bought a juicer. I purchased the Omega 8006 Juicer. I've been planning this for a while, but never really took the plunge. I picked this one up from Bed Bath & Beyond. It was $299.00 before a 20% in-store coupon. I saved $60.00. I'm extremely pleased with my purchase because I rarely manage to snag coupons. However, you can get it for much less on Amazon without the coupon!! You can find the link at the end, after you've taken a moment and checked out my awesome review of this amazing masticating juicer!

I pulled it out this morning, read the instructions, washed the parts, and put it together. It took a couple of minutes to assemble. There wasn't anything difficult about the assembly process. The instructions are extremely specific with pictures. You can do it. I believe in you.

I moved on to peeling and slicing up some organic gala apples for juicing. I rinsed them before I juiced them. I chose apples for my first experiment because I figured that the …

Get to the Polls: Vote Florida

I, like many others, will be casting my vote in the Florida General Election today. I hope that you're going to get out and vote today. I want to add a few thoughts of mine. I'm not a fan of politicians for the simple fact that the majority of them don't actually care about the residents of this country. They're completely self-absorbed running after their personal agendas. Notice, I didn't say *all* of them. I said the *majority* of them.

It completely sickens me that the people behind these campaigns, including the candidates, choose to spend millions of dollars on ads that attack and tarnish the images of their opponent in an effort to gain more votes. The commercials are repulsive. Instead of putting that money towards something useful, they waste it trying to deceive the residents of Florida(and our nation).

Many politicians are gravely misinformed when it comes to climate change. This is something that irks me more than you would believe. How can ANY of you d…

Be Open

Human emotions are unable to be switched on and off, like a light. We become lost in them, trying to find our way through what seems like a dense forest. We can't see things from other's perspectives because we are not open to new ideas, opinions or options (for anything). We firmly cement ourselves in what we believe to be true, unable to twist and flow like the water in an ever-changing river. Most often, we have to be thoroughly convinced in order to even change in the slightest. However, that does not always ring true. For some, they never change. It doesn't have to be that way. 

Learn to find yourself and exist in the present moment. Leave the past behind - focusing only on today - for a brand new tomorrow. Change and sharpen the focus of your thoughts. Your life will be transformed. The first step is to be open to new perceptions, because unless you do that, everything will remain the same. Break down those walls of ignorance. Be open.. Even cement can be broken... Be…

Double Standards

There I was the other day, finishing a Halloween story/play for my aunt, thinking about my travel blog post, when it hit me that I wanted to talk about hypocrites and people with double standards. You know those people, the ones with the attitude of, "do as I say, not as I do" - the ones who drive you insane and deny their behavior when you call them out. Oh yeah, everyone knows someone like that. So, here I am!

I read an article the other day, which you can find here, about Kevin D. Williamson, who posted on Twitter that all women who have had abortions should be hanged. When confronted with the question pertaining to whether his wife should be hanged for needing to have an abortion due to life-threatening circumstances; he ignored the question - multiple times. Therefore you can only assume that giving women the death penalty, albeit by public hanging or another manner, only applies to those outside of his private circle. What kind of hypocritical, double-standard is that?…

Couples with/without kids and happiness

There's usually a huge debate, between couples with children and those without, about which is happier. I'll admit, it's a little annoying when I have to listen to someone who thinks their life is better than mine or even when parents think their life is better than my friends who do not have children. The entire subject irks me for different reasons. Take it from someone who never wanted children and struggled for many years to find their identity as a result of being a young parent. It's all about perspective and the individual desires of each couple.

(SN: I love my children and would never change a thing. I never wanted any, but I'm happy they're in my life. So, don't develop any ideas that I'm suggesting otherwise. LOVE LOVE my little guys.)

It doesn't necessarily mean that one way of living is better/happier than the other. It's just different. As a parent, I most definitely cannot relate with childless couples or even parents who have more…


I love being around people, but I really enjoy spending time alone and away from everyone. I know, I know! I DID just state that I enjoy being alone! I can't think if I'm constantly going and don't take the time to reflect. Sometimes we need to take time out for ourselves. It's important for a balanced life. Being alone is a fear that many are not able to conquer. Being alone shouldn't be thought of as negative or frightening. Although, it's seen that way by many people. Most fear being without family, friends, or companionship. While it's normal to fear loneliness, while being alone, learning to enjoy it is extremely beneficial and healthy.

Over the years, I've grown a lot as a person. I've faced many tribulations, which I've conquered head on. I'm not afraid of pain or being alone. I know that I'm a complicated person sometimes, this is a fact. I grew up in the least ideal of situations, this is a fact too. I care and notice more than …

Life's not Fair

Some people will read this and only see negative, but I implore upon you that this isn't a negative post at all. I'm not racist. My family is interracial all the way. The proof is in the genealogical line. As far as religion goes, I'm not religious. I believe that some horrible people manipulate and twist religion to accommodate their specific agendas. It ruins it for others that just want to live in peace. It's unfortunate.

As the years go by, awful crimes, including war crimes, are continuously committed. Most recently, a progressive-claiming society has been on the verge of completely breaking down and strengthening the racial divide, especially between whites and blacks - pretty much ignoring any other ethnicity, which is devastating and ridiculous. If a crime is committed by a white person against a black person, then it receives national news. However, if the crime is reversed or is black on black, black on brown, brown on brown, etc. Then it doesn't warrant …

Do it for Yourself...

I've been absent for a while. I've started posts that I haven't completely finished, afraid I might offend someone, but I had an extremely enlightening conversation with a friend of mine last night. We discussed our blogs (amongst other important topics) and came to the conclusion that we hold back because we're afraid of offending others or about what others will think.

We decided that we're just going to write for ourselves from now on and if someone doesn't like it, oh well. It is not our job to please everyone, especially those who will not be pleased with anything we write/say anyway. There will always be people who do not like anything you - EVER - do. That's part of life. We write from the heart, which is the most important thing of all. Sometimes, we lose sight of the fact that we started writing for ourselves. As a result, we become tentative with our writing, sometimes ceasing for long periods of time. We shouldn't do that though. Your feeling…

Look Past the Differences

Life can seem so shallow and selfish, you know? People are shallow - concerned with things like, Lebron James decided to leave the Miami Heat. Who cares? Do you have a stake in what he decides to do? Are you receiving payment to be so invested in his life? No? I didn't think so. Let him do whatever he wants. People hang on to celebrities and athletes like cult followers. It's ridiculous.

Meanwhile, you have people suffering all over the world, including my own country. For example, babies and pets being left to die in vehicles. Parents and pet owners claiming it was accidental, which I will never believe. I mean, you remembered your cell phone - how in the world do you forget the one thing that is most precious to you? Others are starving, jobless and homeless.

There is an enormous amount of suffering throughout the world. Yet, the majority of people turn their heads the other way. Do you believe if you ignore the problem that it will go away? Yes, choosing NOT to read the new…

Life is too Short to Complain

First, I want to apologize because I have been busy learning how to code for a project. It has been an adventure teaching myself, but it has taken up a lot of my time. It is, quite admittedly, extremely challenging. I enjoy it. Anyway, I'll be posting the release date for my first book soon. I would like to finish the artwork for it before I actually set the release date. Stay tuned! I will have details available in the next few weeks!

Next, let's move on to what I'm going to touch on in this post - complaining and haughty behavior. I notice people on Facebook complaining about every little thing, such as the following:

I don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend. I don't have any friends. I'm just done with people. People are such haters. People are just jealous of me and what I have. Where are all the good men? I'm so lonely because I don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend. My car is broken down and I'm freaking out. I'm always broke. It seems like there is…

Straight Trees with Crooked Roots

I ordered Chinese last night from a restaurant in the area. Fortune cookies obviously come with the food and I opened one to find this: "Be careful! Straight trees often have crooked roots." I contemplated for some time. I think about things more than I probably should, but I came to the following thoughts.

First, let's get the meaning out of the way. People are not always what they seem. A perfect citizen might actually have been a criminal in the past. A wonderful husband might have three girlfriends on the side. A seemingly normal person may be on the verge of shooting their brains out. Poison dart frogs are beautiful, but they are deadly. Actually, let me clarify that. Only three species of dart frogs are dangerous to humans. Poison dart frogs are NOT poisonous in captivity - only in the wild. They're beautiful though and I don't really care for frogs.

Anyway, you understand the point. I don't necessarily see it as a negative message. To me, it means that…

Enjoy the Weekend!

I am taking the weekend off to finish working on a programming project and to just relax. I will catch up with my blog posts on Monday. Well, I might finish one sooner. I'm trying to focus on my other project first because it needs to be finished.

Anyway, before I go, I am inviting you to go check out some of my pictures. I have a lot of pictures that I have yet to upload. I'm an amateur, but I love photography very much. I'm thinking of getting out to take some pictures if time permits. :) Enjoy!

Crystal R Cox - Fine Art America

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

~ Crystal ~

Bullying Study - American Journal of Psychiatry

There's a new study out about the effects of bullying on individuals in the long run, which you can find here:

Adult Health Outcomes of Childhood Bullying Victimization: Evidence From a Five-Decade
Longitudinal British Birth Cohort

Basically, their study shows that childhood bullying continues to have an effect on individuals through their middle age years. I wanted to address this topic because I was a victim of bullying growing up. Yes, it definitely had an impact on my life, but not necessarily in the same ways presented in their study. We were poor. I wore clothes that were far too large for my tiny frame. My shack of a home, had holes in the walls and a tin roof. They had plenty of ammunition and spite to be hateful towards me. I felt like they really hated/disliked me. I was always the oddball out. It tapered off when I was in 9th grade.

Of course, this wasn't the only time I experienced bullying. I experienced it again later in life, but I was able to deal with it more pr…

Hope for our Environment

Our planet is on the verge of disasters even worse than the ones we are experiencing now. Yet, the peril goes ignored by most because they don't have a clue. Others simply don't believe, as though our planet contains a never-ending supply of resources. Even less actively do their part to counteract the devastating effects we have on our planet. Slowly, more are starting to take notice, but it still isn't enough!

Oil spills, increasing greenhouse gases, deforestation, overfishing of the oceans, etc. The list goes on and on. Why don't people recycle? Why are we not replanting the trees as we cut them down? The conch in the Bahamas are being overfished. If you don't allow them to reproduce, then how can the population be sustained?

Hello? Are you awake out there? Where are the people crying in outrage and standing up in defense of our struggling world? It literally pains me to see how the planet is in distress, yet it goes ignored. What are you going to do when we hav…

Bee Pollen Update

If you recall, almost a month ago, I started taking bee pollen as an attempt to combat my allergies. I want to report that with the exception of the first few days of taking the pollen, today is the first day I've been forced to take an allergy pill. My allergies are driving me insane today.

I attribute this to the fact that the maintenance crew came around checking up on all of the residents and changed my air filter. Normally, I use one that catches the dust and particles. The one they use is pure crap. It doesn't catch anything. In addition, he shoved it in there to the point that it is bent. I discovered a layer of dust on my cabinets the day before yesterday. I have been cleaning like crazy, but still need to replace the filter. I will replace it later today.

So, there it is. Usually, at this time of year, I am sneezing my head off every single day. However, it seems that the pollen is doing a bit of good. I'll continue taking the pollen until it is all gone. It'l…

Going Organic

I mentioned that I used all organic products when I made my sugar cookies in another post. I wanted to touch on that subject. Organic products are definitely better. There's no doubt about that. Not only are they better for us, but it's better for our environment when we grow food free of GMOs and pesticides.

Sure, the general public would love to have products free of GMOs and pesticides. Most often, the problem people face is the price of organic products. They aren't sure how to get around the cost of organic living. There are many key factors in how converting to organic living can be extremely minimal in cost.

1. Gradually switch your products. I started switching all of my conventional products for organic products a while back. It took a bit of time to cycle through things, like sugar or flour, but the majority of my products are now organic. I have a few spices that aren't organic, but once they are empty, I will switch them as well. If I had thrown everything …

Video of Cop Tazer a Man Reading a Book

I came across this video of this man sitting on the ground reading a book, as a cop is leaning over in his face. The man gets up and walks away. He apparently just wants to get away from the harassing cop. He wasn't being confrontational or violent, yet the cop decides to tazer him with a taser gun. While we can't speculate as to what occurred before the video, it appears that the man wasn't doing anything illegal.

Of course, again, we can't be sure of what happened before the video started rolling. This is just another example of why cops should be required to wear cameras on their uniforms. It protects our civil servants/police officers and the general public.

Becoming a police officer means you are supposed to be one of the good guys. My uncle was an officer for many years. He was a good police officer. I have friends who are GOOD and law-abiding police officers. They didn't become involved in the law to take advantage of it. If you feel the need to get on the p…

Bee Pollen for Allergies

Growing up, I was never allergic to anything. We had cats, dogs, birds, etc. and I never had any issues with any of them. My biological mother and ex-stepfather both smoke - excessively - in the house. The house was filled with smoke when they were home, thanks to their habitual chain-smoking.

Therefore, imagine my surprise when I moved to North Carolina and discovered that I was allergic to the pollen falling from the trees. It was everywhere. The cars, ground, and the balconies were all covered in yellow pollen. I was miserable. Since that time, I experience sneezing, stuffiness, runny nose, itchy eyes, etc. during season. It's awful. I've tried every over-the-counter medicine possible. Benadryl works, but it knocks me out cold. I can't function if I am passed out!

I started to research different methods of coping with allergies. You can get a prescription, but I don't really like going to the doctor. You can get the allergy shot, but I abhor needles. There are many …

Earth Week Project

It's no secret that I am a staunch supporter of recycling and try to live as green as possible. I believe everyone should do their part to implement life changes to help turn the Earth around for the better. We've done so much damage to the Earth already. Once it's gone, we can't replace it.

We need to teach everyone about sustainable gardening/farming (which I will talk about in another post), green living, renewable energy, and how they can take action where they live. This is what will determine the future for our children and grandchildren. Believe me, it will take everyone, not just a small portion of the population.

Some people don't care, some don't know how to help. Some don't believe in global warming or about how we're damaging the Earth at an alarming rate. Well, I care about the future of my children and grandchildren. I trust the facts. I have also noticed the changes in the temperatures and weather patterns over the years. It's extreme…

When Pets Attack

So, I'm browsing my Facebook, trying to see if I can find anything interesting. I follow a lot of news outlets, so when something pops, it usually shows in my news feed. 

The following caught my eye: Pet cat attacks Roseville family, 3 taken to hospital 

It reminded me of this incident:

Man Calls 911 After "Hostile" 22-Pound Cat Traps Family in Bedroom
Here's a refresher if you haven't seen either of these. The first incident involves cat, named Khat, who attacks the owner's family. The second one is a 911 call involving an overweight Himalayan cat that attacks and traps a family in their bedroom. Yes, they really are as ridiculous as they seem.

I grew up with all kinds of animals. My family owned cats, dogs, ferrets, snakes, turtles, birds, etc.. It was practically a farm! You know, I can't ever remember a time when I was afraid of any of our cats growing up. If we had a cat that was EVER violent, it would have been immediately put down. That sort of thing w…

So, I'm Writing a Book

I started this book around December 2012. I worked on it for a couple of months. Then, I set it down for about a year before I actually picked it up and started working on it again. I revised what I have written so far and realized that my book is for the bilingual person. I mean, I knew that was objective when I started writing it, but it just kind of hit me that not everyone will be able to comprehend it. The language barrier will be lost on many. So, I put it down again two weeks ago to ponder over this "dilemma."

I considered writing two versions. One of them would be in English and the other in Spanish. Of course, that's a lot of extra work for this book. The setting of the story is in a predominantly Spanish-speaking area. The backstory would have to be completely different. By the time I finish making the changes, I should just write two different books.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I don't really care if everyone understands it. I believe there are more tha…