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Fell off the Wagon

Okay, I admit it. I fell off of my regular diet and jumped onto the gluttonous holiday wagon. Not only that, I wasn't working out because I hurt my arm doing the army crawl. Yes, the army crawl. Who hurts themselves doing one of the most simple moves ever? Of course, it would have to be me. So, I've paid my dues and didn't work out for three months. I have taken it easy and gained 10 lb. Wonderful!

However, I went rock climbing a week ago to test out my arm. It seems that it has completely healed. So, I started working out again yesterday. I am easing myself back into it. I really don't want another injury. If I get hurt, it's usually because of a simple move or I probably ran into something. That's what happens when you are accident-prone.

If you have taken time off from working out and eating well because of the holidays, then take start slow. I haven't worked out in three months. My body needs to become acclimated again. I am definitely a little sore tod…

Consider This

I used to have this friend and we were pretty close. I had known her for about four or five years. We used to hang out every now and then, because we were both busy. Our little families spent time together and we would chat on almost a daily basis. She was kind of flaky, so from time to time she would stop talking to me, even though I kept trying to talk to her. She used to do this from time to time. She was out with others and had a few barbecues at her place - and what? She forgot that I even existed? She ignored me on Facebook, but not anyone else. Is that how you treat your close friend?
Every time she did this, it left me confused. This time was different though. I knew that she had started a new job, but she managed to have time for everyone else - especially the girl who was her best friend. It's funny though, because this girl had screwed her over so many times that I don't even understand how they are still friends. She would claim that she was going to cut her off for…