Sunday, January 12, 2014

Consider This

I used to have this friend and we were pretty close. I had known her for about four or five years. We used to hang out every now and then, because we were both busy. Our little families spent time together and we would chat on almost a daily basis. She was kind of flaky, so from time to time she would stop talking to me, even though I kept trying to talk to her. She used to do this from time to time. She was out with others and had a few barbecues at her place - and what? She forgot that I even existed? She ignored me on Facebook, but not anyone else. Is that how you treat your close friend?

Every time she did this, it left me confused. This time was different though. I knew that she had started a new job, but she managed to have time for everyone else - especially the girl who was her best friend. It's funny though, because this girl had screwed her over so many times that I don't even understand how they are still friends. She would claim that she was going to cut her off for good, but then let her back into her life over and over. In my opinion, that was the main reason. 

Then, she messaged me late one night on Facebook, because I deleted her approximately six months or so prior and just stopped trying. It was a waste of my time. She wanted to know what happened to me. My response: ~ Nothing "happened." You stopped talking to me, I kept trying for a while longer. Didn't think you cared anymore, so I gave up. That about sums it up.~ She never responded. I could be sarcastic and say something smart about this, but honestly, it stung. I mean, we were really good friends at one time. Did she really think that I would wait around for my turn, yet again, on the friendship train? I was finished with her. Period. Even though, I am great at acting as though certain things do not bother me, I'm still human. I have feelings. So does everyone else.

You can't expect someone to keep you in their life, if you don't reciprocate. See, in today's world, any person can see what is gong on in your world because we have these wonderful networks called, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I lived five minutes away from my friend and she just stopped involving me. It was confusing and hurt to an extent. What's worse, is that she probably didn't even really notice a thing. My friends who live over 30 minutes away still invite me over or out to do things. I have others who drive the distance just to spend time with me. Being included, shows they care.

Don't take advantage of the people who CHOOSE to share their life with you. Other people aren't some convenience that you can use whenever you please. If you don't want that person in your life, then don't string them along. You know, they CAN spend their time elsewhere. I have chosen to cut many people out of my life as well - for various reasons. People change. It's okay to move on, but be considerate.

Take the time to appreciate the people in your life. A simple greeting or inquiry as to how they're doing may change the world for them that day. You never know what may happen today or tomorrow. By then, it may be too late.

Until next time!

~ Crystal ~

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