Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Video of Cop Tazer a Man Reading a Book

I came across this video of this man sitting on the ground reading a book, as a cop is leaning over in his face. The man gets up and walks away. He apparently just wants to get away from the harassing cop. He wasn't being confrontational or violent, yet the cop decides to tazer him with a taser gun. While we can't speculate as to what occurred before the video, it appears that the man wasn't doing anything illegal.

Of course, again, we can't be sure of what happened before the video started rolling. This is just another example of why cops should be required to wear cameras on their uniforms. It protects our civil servants/police officers and the general public.

Becoming a police officer means you are supposed to be one of the good guys. My uncle was an officer for many years. He was a good police officer. I have friends who are GOOD and law-abiding police officers. They didn't become involved in the law to take advantage of it. If you feel the need to get on the police force to use it for your power trip - then maybe you need to find something else and definitely take a good hard look at your character. Your job is to protect and serve the public. It isn't to harass people and break the law.

This is a ridiculous video. I should be appalled, but really this seems to be happening everywhere. It kind of makes me want to wear a video attached to my clothing! Eventually more details will come out about what occurred beforehand. I'll post an update once I have more information.

The video shows this incident occurred in Salem, OR.

You can find the video here:

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