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Straight Trees with Crooked Roots

I ordered Chinese last night from a restaurant in the area. Fortune cookies obviously come with the food and I opened one to find this: "Be careful! Straight trees often have crooked roots." I contemplated for some time. I think about things more than I probably should, but I came to the following thoughts.

First, let's get the meaning out of the way. People are not always what they seem. A perfect citizen might actually have been a criminal in the past. A wonderful husband might have three girlfriends on the side. A seemingly normal person may be on the verge of shooting their brains out. Poison dart frogs are beautiful, but they are deadly. Actually, let me clarify that. Only three species of dart frogs are dangerous to humans. Poison dart frogs are NOT poisonous in captivity - only in the wild. They're beautiful though and I don't really care for frogs.

Anyway, you understand the point. I don't necessarily see it as a negative message. To me, it means that…

Enjoy the Weekend!

I am taking the weekend off to finish working on a programming project and to just relax. I will catch up with my blog posts on Monday. Well, I might finish one sooner. I'm trying to focus on my other project first because it needs to be finished.

Anyway, before I go, I am inviting you to go check out some of my pictures. I have a lot of pictures that I have yet to upload. I'm an amateur, but I love photography very much. I'm thinking of getting out to take some pictures if time permits. :) Enjoy!

Crystal R Cox - Fine Art America

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

~ Crystal ~