Saturday, October 11, 2014

Do it for Yourself...

I've been absent for a while. I've started posts that I haven't completely finished, afraid I might offend someone, but I had an extremely enlightening conversation with a friend of mine last night. We discussed our blogs (amongst other important topics) and came to the conclusion that we hold back because we're afraid of offending others or about what others will think.

We decided that we're just going to write for ourselves from now on and if someone doesn't like it, oh well. It is not our job to please everyone, especially those who will not be pleased with anything we write/say anyway. There will always be people who do not like anything you - EVER - do. That's part of life. We write from the heart, which is the most important thing of all. Sometimes, we lose sight of the fact that we started writing for ourselves. As a result, we become tentative with our writing, sometimes ceasing for long periods of time. We shouldn't do that though. Your feelings belong to you. If you want to write about them and share your perspective with the world, then you shouldn't be afraid to do so.

The same concept should be applied to life. Don't be worried that something you do is going to offend another person if you do not have ill intentions. Live your life to the fullest and be happy. Sure, you'll probably hurt or disappoint someone along the way. Again, that's life.

I haven't been pushing myself lately. I've been a little hesitant and afraid of what lies around the corner, but no more. My writing will be for myself. I'm a little more than halfway finished with the book I've decided will be my first self-published eBook. I accidentally lost a few chapters the other day. Oops.. I have backups also, but they weren't saving either. Technical malfunction. I guess that I need to make a 4th backup. Either way, I should have finished it by this point. I've just been a little nervous that my story isn't going to be interesting or liked by others. I'll never know if I sit around, taking my time because I'm afraid to finish it, right? Right!

Have faith in yourself. Believe in yourself so hard that it gives you that shove you need to keep going. Don't fear the opinions of others. There are people who love and believe in you, but you have to believe in yourself too.

Write for yourself, believe in yourself, be kind to others, and live your life for yourself.

Short, sweet, simple, and best of all, to the point. Thanks for reading everyone!

Many blessings,

~ Penelope ~

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