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Be Empowered

What do you do when people try to break your spirit? For example, if you're overweight and you're working on losing the weight by eating healthy and exercising. Someone makes fun of you, for the fat that's jiggling, as you try your best to run down the road. Or, another example, you're a high school dropout, but you're back in school, working towards your GED because you would really like to make something of yourself. People, you know, make remarks about how you'll never make it because you're a loser.

Do you ignore them or believe there is something wrong with you and become embarrassed? Don't EVER be ashamed or embarrassed that you are taking care of your body and mind or are doing something to better your life. Protect your mind from those who wish to poison it. Why would they do that? Here's a little secret: their mind is already poisoned. Some people are hateful/rude/mean because they're jealous or miserable with their own lives. Those ten…

Review: Omega 8006 Juicer

I finally bought a juicer. I purchased the Omega 8006 Juicer. I've been planning this for a while, but never really took the plunge. I picked this one up from Bed Bath & Beyond. It was $299.00 before a 20% in-store coupon. I saved $60.00. I'm extremely pleased with my purchase because I rarely manage to snag coupons. However, you can get it for much less on Amazon without the coupon!! You can find the link at the end, after you've taken a moment and checked out my awesome review of this amazing masticating juicer!

I pulled it out this morning, read the instructions, washed the parts, and put it together. It took a couple of minutes to assemble. There wasn't anything difficult about the assembly process. The instructions are extremely specific with pictures. You can do it. I believe in you.

I moved on to peeling and slicing up some organic gala apples for juicing. I rinsed them before I juiced them. I chose apples for my first experiment because I figured that the …

Get to the Polls: Vote Florida

I, like many others, will be casting my vote in the Florida General Election today. I hope that you're going to get out and vote today. I want to add a few thoughts of mine. I'm not a fan of politicians for the simple fact that the majority of them don't actually care about the residents of this country. They're completely self-absorbed running after their personal agendas. Notice, I didn't say *all* of them. I said the *majority* of them.

It completely sickens me that the people behind these campaigns, including the candidates, choose to spend millions of dollars on ads that attack and tarnish the images of their opponent in an effort to gain more votes. The commercials are repulsive. Instead of putting that money towards something useful, they waste it trying to deceive the residents of Florida(and our nation).

Many politicians are gravely misinformed when it comes to climate change. This is something that irks me more than you would believe. How can ANY of you d…