Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thought of the Day: Don't Dwell on Mistakes

Thought of the Day:

"Don't dwell on mistakes from the past." Penelope Winthrop
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You can regret your mistakes and regret hurting the people in your life, but you're not going to gain a single thing by dwelling on them. Instead, learn from them and actively work to avoid making them again. Everyone makes them, but one key difference between those who move past them and those who don't is that they don't sit around wondering what they could have done to change it. They let it go.

Focus on the here and now. If you're focused on the disappointments from the past, then you're going to miss a chance to turn the page and find something new. If you botched an opportunity, look for more. There is always something else out there. 

If you failed in the past, then look at it this way: You've discovered one way NOT to do something. Don't be afraid to try again, but this time—do it differently. Face your fears. If you're unsure about how to move forward, reach out to someone who has been in your shoes. Pick up a book or do some research online. There are many excellent resources, but don't remain stagnant by doing absolutely nothing.

Get motivated about what you can do today. What you put in today is going to determine your future. Always give 100 percent!! Have an amazing day, everyone! 

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