Monday, May 2, 2016

Thought of the Day: Decide to be Amazing

Thought of the Day:

"Decide to be amazing, and then work hard to reach your goals" Penelope Winthrop

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They say, "mind over matter," right? While that's true, if you change your way of thinking—you also have to change your actions. You can be amazing by making the right decisions and then by acting on them. You want to be successful? Well, then you're going to have to work for it. Success isn't going to come overnight.

Nothing worth having is ever going to be easy to achieve. Be ready to work longer hours than others because behind every successful person is hours of hard work and struggles. Prepare to be in it for the long haul. If you happen to achieve your goals faster than you planned, then great, but if you don't then you won't be disappointed.

Do you struggle with making changes in your life? How do you go from working the minimum to putting in extra hours to go after your dreams? Start small. Implement a small change—and do it every single day. Don't forget the weekends! The more gradual the change, the easier it will be to implement it—especially if you're a stubborn person like me.

For instance, I wanted to start waking up at 4:30 a.m. every single morning. The problem is that I love sleeping. I didn't want to wake up that early, even though I knew I needed to make this change to my life. And, despite knowing that this change was necessary, I would set my alarm and every.single.morning, I would hit the snooze button. I mean, does anyone really want to climb out from under their comfy covers to begin work for the day?? After hitting the snooze, I would change the alarm to 6 a.m. when I had to wake up to get my boys ready for school. Hey, I may have had issues getting up for myself initially, but I always manage to leap out of bed for them. I put them ahead of everything—including sleeping in.

Needless to day, it was an incredibly frustrating cycle. The worst part is that I was the only person in control. I had all the power to get my butt out of bed then, but I chose not to get up. Therefore, I decided to change my approach. I set my alarm for 5:45 a.m. and over a period of about three weeks, I managed to move my wake-up call to 4:30 a.m. It took a while for my body to accept that I was going to wake up super early, but when I finally got through an entire week of my new routine—boy, it felt amazing.

Now, I'm up at 4:20 a.m. every morning. I even wake up early on the weekends, and I'm happy about it! I have my coffee, I work on some writing or pictures. I complete a few things that I never manage to accomplish at other times of the day simply because life is busy. Every day, I try to take as many small steps as I can toward the future I desire. I want it so badly that I can taste it. I know that it's probably going to take longer than I'd like to achieve my goals, but that's OK—I'm in it not only win it but to inspire others to do the same.

Make the decision to be amazing, and then act on it. Take one teeny, tiny step at a time toward your goals in life, and don't expect to see immediate changes. Celebrate your accomplishments as they come. Success won't come to you as fast as you probably want it, but in a year from now when you look back, you will be able to see the difference.

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