Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Thought of the Day: Work hard in silence

Thought of the Day:

"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise." Frank Ocean
You know, I'm a writer who writes about a number of things on the internet—including my daily goals at times. However, you don't know every personal detail about me or how I spend my days. If you knew me years ago, you would not have seen my current life coming because I didn't spend it doing what I do now. I wasn't going far then, but I'm definitely going places now. Not only that, I quite enjoy what I'm doing.

My first mistake was sharing the details about how I wanted to better myself. The issue I've run into with this is when people find out you're trying to better yourself, some are going to throw their full support behind you. However, often many will criticize you and doubt your capability. It can be disheartening, to be honest. Do not buy into what they're selling. Once you figure out what you want from life, go get it—and don't tell anyone associated with your personal life because they tend to be your worst critics.

Another issue with telling everyone the details of your life, especially when you're trying to make something of yourself is that when you fail—and you're going to fail at something—some people throw negative vibes all over the place. I've failed many times throughout the years. The one thing that separates me from the people who give up is that I knock off the dirt and keep moving forward.

Don't tell people about your failures—ever. It gives people ammunition to sling at you for their own petty reasons. If you have already let everyone in on the details of your goals and failures, then ignore the negativity because you don't need that in your life. Finally, stop telling them anything at all.

Seek out like-minded individuals working toward similar goals. Surround yourself with these people because they're going to be the ones to motivate you when you're down, especially people who are already more successful than you. Trust me, you want those people in your life—not the broke person who keeps asking to borrow money, but never wants to get off their rear and work for it! And you certainly don't want someone in your life who keeps telling you that you're a loser or your goals are unattainable—because that simply isn't true.

A few more tips for the road:

  • Trust and believe in yourself. 
  • Talk yourself up in the mirror every day if needs be.
  • Remember, positivity alone will not produce results or progress. You have to work for it. 
  • Wake up every morning with your goals clear in your mind. 
  • Write your goals down.
  • Don't allow someone's fear of failing impact your confidence.
  • Connect with those who support your dreams. 
  • Seek out a mentor or two.
  • Failing is part of the process. Learn from it and try again.
  • If you're overwhelmed, take a break. A day off will leave you refreshed and ready to go again.

Believe in your dreams. If everything falls apart on a single day, it's OK. Keep in mind that we all fail at something every single day. Brush yourself off and try again tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for reading!

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