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Let go of the negative for a positive impact on your life

Thought of the Day:"Let go of the negative for a positive impact on your life." Penelope Winthrop
How do you make room for all the awesomeness that is you when all you can focus on are the negatives in your life? Yes, I have been in your shoes! I have sat exactly where you sit! I wasn't good enough for this or maybe I wasn't good enough for that. Why didn't he love me enough? Why wasn't I ever enough for him?

I constantly beat myself up over everything. Why did it always seem like the world was moving against me in so many ways that I simply couldn't keep my head up over the water? I was drowning, completely drowning—and I felt like I had absolutely nobody to turn to or lean on for support. In fact, there have been several points in my life that I wished I would just die—right there. Bam! Car crash or freak lightning accident... just something to end my life so that I wouldn't have to face up to the fact that my pitiful and disgusting life was never …

You need a valuable break from the chaos of life.

Thought of the Day:"It's OK to take a break." Penelope WinthropLet's get down to it—if you're feeling overwhelmed by work, your social life, family, etc—then I'm here to tell you that it's OK to take a break. In fact, you probably need one to mellow you out and ground your nerves. Life can be so hectic and emotionally charged, especially when bad things occur in our lives. And, when something bad happens, you definitely need time for yourself because you're human and those emotions you're feeling aren't going to go away. That includes taking much-needed breaks from social media and outings. The social gatherings and social media accounts aren't going anywhere. They'll still be there when you come back from your break.
For example,I stopped my social media posts because I really needed some time for me, my boys, and a couple of writing projects that have been sucking away at my soul. I really needed to recharge my batteries. It was obvi…