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National Sugar Cookie Day

Since it's National Sugar Cookie Day, I wanted to share a favorite sugar cookie recipe of mine and the boys. The boys love decorating and I love (eating) sugar cookies. It's always a win-win. I originally found this sugar cookie recipe on this page:

Sugar Cookie Recipe

I was drawn to this recipe because it took less time and it didn't require cream of tartar. Most of the recipes I found required that ingredient. This one is very similar to one I've previously used, maybe even almost exact with the exception of using confectioners' sugar for rolling. I had only used flour for rolling in the past. I also appreciated that the ingredients were listed in order of use. I did the same below.

I'm also going to note that I used all organic ingredients. I followed the recipe, but the serving size was not the same. Apparently, my cookies were much larger than the cookies in the original recipe. I came out with exactly 19 cookies, instead of 36. To adjust for size, I baked…